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Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
soon enough. tommy john is a name synonymous with the most famous surgical procedure in sport but it just so happens he was not a bad picture either. >> he is not in the baseball hall of fame, but in baseball circles, his name is well-known, tommy john it is the pioneer for pitchers, looking for rebirth with the elbow ligament that was torn. >> it is better to have an orthopedic surgery and after you than a chronological surgery named after you. >> he won 288 career games with six teams including the indians, dodgers, yankees, and even the oakland a's, almost 38 years to the day the famed tommy john surgery. >> there is a tendon right there, if you look at this hand, i do not have it. i have a scar here and a star right here. they pulled that out and grafted that into my left elbow. thus, the tommy john surgery. >> the surgery was performed by dr. frank jobe but it is a patient that got the credit and got back to the big leagues. >> he said " if you don't have it and you'll never pitch again, if you have it that it might work ". i started throwing to my wife, playing catch wit
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. there was cheering in the courtroom as the judge ordered the release of john smith. prosecutors said they were convinced their chief witness who recently recanted, had lied about the 1993 killing. but he had said that police pressured him to identify smith as the shooter. his grandmother mortgaged her home to pay for the initial offense. >> i am happy. i am sad. but the part of me that was in there with him, i am free now to. >> the 37 year-old smith entered the courtroom in that prison jumpsuit but was released by the end of the day. >> a follow-up tonight on a story that we brought you about lions living in cramped quarters at the oakland zoo. voters are being asked to pay more to support the zoo. but if they do not then mike sugerman tells us that animal rights activist who sold his video say that the zoo should reconsider keeping the big cats. >> last week we showed you how the oakland zoo was campaigning to pass tax measure a one. a dollar per month parcel tax for 25 years, to fix up the oakland zoo animal quarters at no one park. which, by the looks of things really need to be fixed up.
Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the playground is deeply troubled, with splinters and rusty equipment. john ramos when to take a closer look and speak with those that have no where else to play. some of the kids have been here since birth and is there neighborhood, they still aknowledge there is an element of danger. and fear when it walked through. >> the kids from the city academy in the san francisco tenderloin district play in a small area. a heavy iron fence is all that separates the child would innocence from the grim reality of the city's most desperate neighborhood. >> you walked by people and see them shooting up and people overdosing on the street. >> many fights, and stabbings. >> i would never raise a kid here. >> but parents that you usually don't feel that a choice. trapped by poverty in neighborhood overrun by crime and drug addiction. she works hard to help the area, even if she aknowledge is the effect upon this place on children. >> they're scared about people yelling and fighting but they're definitely scared. the word is definitely " scared ". >> this is the only emptor playing space for the academy. to
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. governor jerry brown signed a law that will lessen the impact of standardized test into that equation. john ramos finds out that teachers are all for it. >> fremont high school in oakland is a bad school. that is what the state is telling people when they compare test results to higher scoring good schools. but ask the kids in his college prep class and it will tell you that they're sick of the simplistic labels. >> for a district judge me on a test score, is just like, it is ignorant because you don't even know me. >> a lot of times we are categorized as people but were slow or smart but it is not true. the test does not show that. >> now the legislature agrees, when state governor jerry brown signed into law new rules for ranking schools that will not rely solely on standardized testing. the law is intentionally vague about the new criteria, leaving that up to the state superintendent of public education and the advisory panels. u.s.s. professor says that teachers have been frustrated for years about having to teach to the test. >> we have to pretend that we're doing a good job educating
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4